5 Strange Fitness Tips

From my research this weeks, I found your not-so-typical workout tips to get you motivated.

  1. Chafing can be so painful between your legs it can take away the desire to run in the summer. A new trick of the trade I learned is to put deodorant between your inner thighs. It keeps away sweat buildup to ensure you don’t feel that stinging pain!
  2. Red is an energy surging angry color. It can stimulate your brain to get you pumped. Try wearing red or setting your phone screen saver the color red. It may just work for you!
  3. Stinky feet? Try putting a dash of salt in your shoes after an intense workout or a long run. It absorbs the sweat and takes away the embarrassing odor.
  4. Not all chocolate is bad for an athlete. A study states that athletes that drink chocolate milk are not as fatigued for their second workout. The calcium, protein, and antioxidants to help your body recover!
  5. Talking to yourself may seem strange, but it may be the thing that gets you through that last mile. Telling yourself encouraging phrases like “Almost there,” “I can do anything,” or “I am strong” boosts your own self motivation, and can distract you from the pain and tiredness you may be feeling!



Live Love Fitness

Hi Everyone!

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