What do you think of when you think of a yoga class? Relaxation, right?

Not all yoga classes are all about relaxing: there are actually some that will make you sweat and use your muscles more than your daily run!

Bikram yoga is a great class to take if you’re looking for the benefits of yoga, as well as boosting your metabolism and getting a serious workout. The class 90 minute class in a hot room that usually is usually 100 degrees, or over. The combination of heat, poses, and breathing techniques allows the body to detoxify, tone, heal joints, and improve flexibility all at the same time.

No matter where you take the class, the dialogue is the same. Almost always the teachers have to go through a three month class in Thailand to get the correct script scripted into their brains. They won’t show you or demonstrate each pose, their voices and direction is supposed to stop thinking so much and be in the moment with your body.Unknown.jpeg          images.jpeg

Here’s a  few tips for newbies interested in trying out these hard-core yoga classes:

  1. STAY HYDRATED. Very important. Picture yourself in a sauna, for ninety minutes, while doing intense and invigorating poses. You’re going to sweat, a lot. It’s very important that you hydrate a lot before the class, so while you’re in there you can be in the moment without worrying about how bad you need to chug the rest of your Camelbak.
  2. Basically Naked. That’s how you want to look and feel when you enter a Bikram Yoga studio. Try to find something super light that won’t attach to your body when your sweat starts to come out. Avoid cotton, try to find some Nike Pros so you can be sure to watch your leg muscles in the mirror as you use them. Don’t worry about how much skin you’re showing, it’s all no judgement!
  3. Open up. Try to keep and open mind and a positive attitude, especially for the newbies. Most Yogis get really into it, so be sure to be respectful not to interrupt their relaxation time with your  uncomfortable giggles and laugher. The poses, noises, amount of sweat, and breathing techniques take some getting used to for sure, so just try your best. Practice makes perfect!
  4. Don’t Overdo It! Yoga is all about slowly getting to perfect the pose. Nobody expects you to be an expert right away, so if you feel any pain coming from your discomfort, stop. If you can’t do the pose to its full extent, start off slow. Maybe next week you’ll be able to do it a little better. The heat may be difficult for beginners to adjust to. It’s important to sit down if you start to feel dizzy, but focus on your breathing and trust yourself that you will overcome the feeling and jump right back in.



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