Runners Wear

I’ve recently started running everyday, and I’ve noticed that I have a stronger run depending on what I wear.  For example, if it’s hot, and I accidentally wear a gray cotton tee, I become way too focused on my body heat and how badly I am sweating my a** off. Everybody (should) know the difference between a training sneaker and a running sneaker, but there are actually differences in running shorts and shirts as well.

For examScreen Shot 2016-04-19 at 1.23.26 PM.pngple, plain cotton tees are okay if you’re going on a quick jog, but for long runs on humid sticky days, cotton/poly blends are much better They’re much softer against your skin, won’t stick to you when you sweat, and move well with your body as you run. My favorite is the Nike Challenger Short Sleeve or Tank!


It may not matter to you if your socks match or not, but the material of them does. Cotton       socks on a run are a big no-no. They absorb too much moisture, and put your feet at risk

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 1.36.08 PM.pngfor huge  blisters. It is better to wear synthetic fiber made socks that are faster drying to avoid blisters, and they usually have extra padding on the heels for a cushion for your feet with every step you take!

Ascics socks are cheap, and they are a reliable brand so they will last you a long time!




Depending on where you’re running inside or outside, it’s always useful to have a lightweight shell. They stand against rain, wind, and branches if you’re on a hike, and they’re super light so it won’t weigh you down! I love adidas, and they’re well known for their jackets. I have one in almost every color!Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 3.02.43 PM.png


Drink up!

It is recommended, not just for those of you who are trying to drop a few, but for everyone who’s looking for a healthy change in diet to drink lots of water. 8- 10 eight ounce glasses per day is recommended! That can be hard to do when there’s a giant glistening ice cold liter of lemonade, bubbling soda, or even a crisp glass of wine sitting at home waiting for you.

Water can be just as tasty, though! Infusing fruit in your boring old glass of water can help your mind & body. Only some of the benefits from fruit infused water include a boost in metabolism, an increase in vitamins, minerals and nutrients, energy boost from electrolytes (way healthier than sports drinks!), and can help your digestive system for an upset tummy.

Now you’ve got to give it a try! Here’s a few yummy fruit combos to put in your water so you can feel the difference yourself.Fruit-Infused-Waters-from-Green-Blender.jpg

  • Cucumber, Grape & Raspberry
  • Apple & Cinnamon
  • Strawberry & Kiwi
  • Raspberry & Pineapple
  • Orange, Lemon, & Ginger
  • Watermelon Rosemary
  • Blueberry & Orange
  • Grapefruit & Cucumber

Thanks for reading! Try out some flavors and let me know what you think!

Healthy Sweet Tooth

No matter how “into” your diet you are, everyone craves chocolate at least sometimes. So what do you do when the craving comes on? Try eating a piece of gum? Or sucking on a sugar free mint? When nothing seems to work you can’t help but dive straight into that bowl of M&M’s like there’s no tomorrow.

Have no fear cocoa lovers! There is a way to get your chocolate while keeping your diet up to par. I’m going to fill you in on some of my favorite Pinterest healthy baked good recipes that won’t give you a guilt trip right after.


Monique from shared a recipe with us that replaces all that bad with the better while still tasting oh-so good!

She replaced regular flour with whole wheat flour (we need those grains!,) honey instead of sugar, and greek yogurt instead of butter. The yogurt, believe it or not, keeps the muffins moisture days after they’re baked while giving you a little boost of protein! 😋

Skinny Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

BAKED OATMEAL CASSEROLEBaked-Oatmeal-Casserole-3.jpg

This is no ordinary oatmeal casserole people.. this is strawberry, blueberry, banana, and chocolate chip oatmeal friggen’ casserole.

Tonya from Love of Family & Home introduced me through Pinterest the deliciousness of these oatmeal squares. Natural Oats, all the fruit you want, chocolate morsels,  cinnamon, eggs, vanilla, and a tiny bit of butter are all combined in layers a casserole dish. Bake for only 30 minutes & VUALA! You can add a sprinkle of brown sugar on & pop it back in for another 5 for extra flavor.

The best part is, you’ll have your breakfast prepared for the next week! (If you don’t eat it all before then)  😀

Oatmeal Casserole

Healthy Samoas Girl Scout Cookies

8503222633_782fc8e6db_z.jpgThank you Chocolate Covered Kate for blessing us with this recipe.

These bad boys still have the coconut chocolate combination you love, but without all those extra calories. Dark chocolate, coconut, coconut milk, vanilla, salt, and a teaspoon of honey are all whipped up together to recreate your favorite childhood snack. This recipe is for the advanced bakers, though. It does take a little more time and effort, but if you are determined to get your Girl Scout craving taken care of, by all means, go for it girl!

No more glaring at the cute little girls in Uniforms offering you those delectable 140 calorie cookies. We’re better than that now. We now have the power to make our own healthy version.

                                            Healthy Samoas

Hope you guys get the opportunity to try these out! Let me know which ones were your favorite 🙂


What do you think of when you think of a yoga class? Relaxation, right?

Not all yoga classes are all about relaxing: there are actually some that will make you sweat and use your muscles more than your daily run!

Bikram yoga is a great class to take if you’re looking for the benefits of yoga, as well as boosting your metabolism and getting a serious workout. The class 90 minute class in a hot room that usually is usually 100 degrees, or over. The combination of heat, poses, and breathing techniques allows the body to detoxify, tone, heal joints, and improve flexibility all at the same time.

No matter where you take the class, the dialogue is the same. Almost always the teachers have to go through a three month class in Thailand to get the correct script scripted into their brains. They won’t show you or demonstrate each pose, their voices and direction is supposed to stop thinking so much and be in the moment with your body.Unknown.jpeg          images.jpeg

Here’s a  few tips for newbies interested in trying out these hard-core yoga classes:

  1. STAY HYDRATED. Very important. Picture yourself in a sauna, for ninety minutes, while doing intense and invigorating poses. You’re going to sweat, a lot. It’s very important that you hydrate a lot before the class, so while you’re in there you can be in the moment without worrying about how bad you need to chug the rest of your Camelbak.
  2. Basically Naked. That’s how you want to look and feel when you enter a Bikram Yoga studio. Try to find something super light that won’t attach to your body when your sweat starts to come out. Avoid cotton, try to find some Nike Pros so you can be sure to watch your leg muscles in the mirror as you use them. Don’t worry about how much skin you’re showing, it’s all no judgement!
  3. Open up. Try to keep and open mind and a positive attitude, especially for the newbies. Most Yogis get really into it, so be sure to be respectful not to interrupt their relaxation time with your  uncomfortable giggles and laugher. The poses, noises, amount of sweat, and breathing techniques take some getting used to for sure, so just try your best. Practice makes perfect!
  4. Don’t Overdo It! Yoga is all about slowly getting to perfect the pose. Nobody expects you to be an expert right away, so if you feel any pain coming from your discomfort, stop. If you can’t do the pose to its full extent, start off slow. Maybe next week you’ll be able to do it a little better. The heat may be difficult for beginners to adjust to. It’s important to sit down if you start to feel dizzy, but focus on your breathing and trust yourself that you will overcome the feeling and jump right back in.


5 Strange Fitness Tips

From my research this weeks, I found your not-so-typical workout tips to get you motivated.

  1. Chafing can be so painful between your legs it can take away the desire to run in the summer. A new trick of the trade I learned is to put deodorant between your inner thighs. It keeps away sweat buildup to ensure you don’t feel that stinging pain!
  2. Red is an energy surging angry color. It can stimulate your brain to get you pumped. Try wearing red or setting your phone screen saver the color red. It may just work for you!
  3. Stinky feet? Try putting a dash of salt in your shoes after an intense workout or a long run. It absorbs the sweat and takes away the embarrassing odor.
  4. Not all chocolate is bad for an athlete. A study states that athletes that drink chocolate milk are not as fatigued for their second workout. The calcium, protein, and antioxidants to help your body recover!
  5. Talking to yourself may seem strange, but it may be the thing that gets you through that last mile. Telling yourself encouraging phrases like “Almost there,” “I can do anything,” or “I am strong” boosts your own self motivation, and can distract you from the pain and tiredness you may be feeling!



Live Love Fitness

Hi Everyone!

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